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Mar. 14th, 2006

Things i've learned.

1.Everything is going screwy.
2.LJ Seems to cause more problems then it helps.
3.No one is Perfect.
4.i Don't think, but i know that.
5. there are only two people i can really depend on who arn't family.
6.you Have to Take Responsibility for what you do, even if you messed up everything.
7.I make people Cry to often.
8. i have friends i never knew i had.
9. Sometimes the music has to stop. Just, Stop the Lyrics, and say what YOU want.
10. Lies and smiles kill you on the inside

If anyone wants to add anything to the list, feel free, it's not like i have anything better to do.
I've been having an infuriating week. Lots of fun, but then i get home and everything gets all confusing.
I've been getting really mad a lot recently. i gotta calm down.
Anybody who feels like posting comments on this just to yell at me or a comment someone else might make, i'll tell you now, DON'T. We don't need that.

Kayla. Yeah, it was stupid of me and i didn't think, sure, but you didn't need to get so mad, i was just joking around and didn't mean anything by it. Dosn't make it right, but don't take everything i do as an attack against you, it's really not.

My Mom got sick now, just yesterday, so Aislinn can't come over, see? the world hates me lol, i Try to get her to come over SOMETHING cruddy happens. oh well. maybe some other day...

Today i'm at home all day, probably just watchin' movies... not much else to do, it's probably better that she didn't come today, because it's all rainy, and we couldn't really do much but hang out inside.

Ross! you gotta teach me how to play poker!!...just not Strip poker... that comes later... and not with you kthnx lol.... And AND aND i'll try not to be uber n00b when you try to teach me, because i know there is nothing more annoying the a pupil that just dosn't get it. AHHHH!!! COP!!!! lol, those Three way Phone convo's are Pricless.

Aislinn, As to getting togeather, we will have to see if my family will be getting better now. >.< why did they have to get real sick TODAY????

*Realises he's playing with Sissors* I'll just put these down.

Anyway, i gotta go

EDIT: I have the 24 video game, tell me how that ISN'T asskickage in it's purest form? lol *skips off to play*


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Mar. 14th, 2006 06:16 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know and I'm sorry. See, half of my brain knows you are joking, because I know that wether I like you or not you would've asked that quesion. However the other half of my brain is convinced you were mocking me... I'm sorry I got so pissed, but I've been on edge, and bithcy all ...month
Mar. 14th, 2006 06:16 pm (UTC)
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